Events and visits

I offer a number of events to schools, libraries and book groups including

1 - An illustrated talk about the inspiration for my books Quicksilver and Serpent’s Gold in which I explore the facts and the fictions behind ley-lines, stone-circles and earth mysteries, providing  a fresh perspective on the history that is all around us. I use experiences gleaned from my 20 year career as a producer for the BBC and findings unearthed from my own area to inspire children to explore their own back-gardens and look for forgotten secrets hidden  in the local landscape.  My power-point presentation also looks at some of the amazing archaeological sites in Africa and America that are visited in my book. After inviting me to speak, a number of schools including Hitherfield in West Norwood, Broomfield in North London and Sacred Heart in Merseyside have chosen Quicksilver as their year 7 class novel.

“Your visit was fabulous and we all really enjoyed the activities.”
Maddy – Yr 6 pupil Temple Grafton Co of E School Warwickshire

2 – An illustrated talk for Black History Month

I am of mixed Sudanese/British parentage and I draw on my heritage in my book Quicksilver.  Zi’ib, one of the child protagonists is a Sudanese refugee, born near to the ancient city of Meroe in Northern Sudan ( an area also known as Nubia). He returns to unearth an ancient prophesy hidden among the ruins.

This talk is based on the in depth research I did into the forgotten history of the Meroites  whose sophisticated culture and military prowess once rivalled that of ancient Egypt.

A fun creative writing workshop designed to help budding writers to create atmosphere, mood and character in their work.

“The teachers found it an inspiring event; the children were all engaged and at least one teacher came away with writing ambitions of her own. Boys do not often express themselves in the way they were able to with Sam’s input.  They do not often  take the time to describe events and scenes in such detail and  from such an imaginative perspective.”
Mavis Taylor, Teacher Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

Please contact me if you would  like to discuss or  arrange a visit