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Sorry I’m a bit behind with the journal, I got stuck in Egypt because of the Icelandic Volcano and everything has been a bit chaotic since we got back, but here’s and update on what’s been happening.

Book Two now has a title - it is to be called Serpent’s Gold.

Quicksilver got a lovely review from Toby Clements in the Telegraph “…a superbly constructed and vividly depicted tale of ley lines, ancient prophecies, interplanetary communication and a dog called Elvis.”

I had a great time at the Northern Ireland Drewett Book Award. There were some fantastic presentations by local schools

I’ve also been taking part in the Lambeth Libraries Readers and Writers Festival. I shall be doing my second talk at 4.30 today (may 14th) at West Norwood Library.…/LambethReadersWritersFestivalMay2010

I’m really looking forward to my visit to Formby on 25th and 26th May. I’ll post the details as soon as I have them.

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