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Chasing the Dark is published today!

It’s a great feeling when a book finally comes out. I’ll be spending the day at Bailey Green School in Newcastle running a workshop, giving a talk and signing boooks.

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"Hikma" Says:

This book sounds epic! I really want to read it!

"reece" Says:

I have a question about writing a book as for i am thinking about writing a book about a young boy and his sister who are finding out why gangsters killed there parents whilst on holiday and are after them, at the time there parents died they were staying ate there grand parents. the 2 kids are wondering if the grand parents know somthing they dont. so what do you think about my story?

"Sam Osman" Says:

The plot outline is interesting, family lies and secrets are always rich territory for plots. Why don’t you start writing it and see how it develops?

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