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Croydon Libraries’ Poetry Competition Winners

I had a great time on Saturday helping to judge the Croydon Libraries ‘Journeys through London’  Poetry Competition, There were lots of really strong, interesting poems to choose from but the winners we picked were Raagavi Chelvaranjan aged 11 in the  11 - 19 category and Frank Mariani in the over 20 category. Congratulations to you both!

If you would like to read the winning poems here they are:

Law Student observed on the top deck of a 109 Bus by Frank Mariani

The olive skinned boy looks up with a sigh,

I call him Henry  the Navigator, God only knows why,

The charts over which he toils so fraught

Are the longitude and latitude of negligence and tort,

This Henry won’t sail to the Islands of Fire,

No songs he’ll inspire for contralto and lyre,

No lady will wait, growing sadder and sadder:

This Henry plots fortunes if you fall off  a ladder.

Journeys through London by Raagavi Chelvaranjan Aged 11

Journeys through London

Opinions to be made.

Universe of exploring,

Rough conditions to go through.

New adventures to

Experience the feeling.

Youth and culture doesn’t matter,

Sometimes you don’t care !

Time travel is an option,

Hamleys it is,

Run aroudn the world,

Origins to be discovered.

Until the climate changes it is,

Go, go, go!

How often do we go?

London is a city,

Of many religions,

New beginnings,

Does everyone good.

Oh, Lord thank you for,

New beginnings!

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