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Quicksilver Film

Gold Circle Films tell me they have found a writer to develop a script.

| Posted on: November 2, 2011 | Filed under: News



"Hikma" Says:

I hope it turns into a film soon!!!
Who is acting in it?

"Sabel Vorwerg" Says:

itd definitely be great as a
movie who’s doing the acting ???

"Reanna Inglis" Says:

Hello I am a big fan of your work,
Loved the book and I can’t wiat to see the movie.

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Reanna,
Thanks very much for your message. From your email address it looks like you live in New Zealand and it’s great to know that I have readers on the other side of the world.
I’ll post any news about the film on the website.
All best

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Sabel,
Happy New Year. They are still developing a script so we are a long way off casting but I’ll post any news about the film as it comes in.
All best

"Grace" Says:

Hi Sam,
Wow, they’re making a movie of Quicksilver? That’s awesome! I hope it’ll be as good as the book :).

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