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Thank you to everyone at Temple Grafton School

I had a fabulous time at Temple Grafton School yesterday. The children doing the workshop were so sharp, funny and enthusiastic the time just flew past, so thank you to all of you for keeping me on my toes.

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"Edward, Class 1" Says:

I enjoyed Linda Newberry’s talk but because I am only in year 1 I didn’t see you. I am going to try and get your book from the library to read. Roald Dahl is one of my best writers and I like Quentin Blake too.

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Edward,
I’m thrilled that you want to read my book. Do go on to the website to tell me what you think about it. You are very lucky to go to such a lovely school and if I ever go back there please ask your teacher if you can come and say hello.
Best wishes

"Class 3" Says:

Dear Sam,
Thank you for your kind comments about Temple Grafton school. Your visit was fabulous and we all really enjoyed the activities.
Many of us, (including Mrs Gray) are enjoying your book, Quicksilver and are looking forward to the release of your sequel: Serpent’s Gold.
The year 3s had a great morning with Linda, but hope that they will have the chance to meet you again in the future.
Your web site looks great.
Best Wishes,

Class 3

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hello Class 3,
I’d love to come back to Temple Grafton to see you all and to talk about Serpent’s Gold. I am working away on the manuscript of my third book so it’s great to get lovely messages like yours to keep me going.
Good luck with all your creative writing. If I do come back, perhaps you could read me some of the stories you have been working on.

"charlotte" Says:

thankyou for coming to temple grafton school. I feel sad because you didn`t come to year 3.But my sister has got a quiksilver book. We are excited that serpent`s gold is coming out.

best wishes
charlotte and madeline xxx

"charlotte" Says:

when do you think your next book will come out xx

"jake" Says:

dare sam I realy want to read yor book it sounds very intresting how you find out how you rite yor books

from jake

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Charlotte and Madeline,
I’m sad too that I wasn’t able to come to year 3. Do send me another message when you have read Quicksilver and let me know what you thought.
Best Wishes

"Sam Osman" Says:

It’s coming out on July 7th!

"Sam Osman" Says:

Dear Jake,
I really hope you enjoy the book. I love doing all the research that goes in to my writing and it is fun to share it with everyone when I go in to schools.

"Libby" Says:

Hi sam,
i’ve read 281 pages and it’s really good.You’ve given me lots of insparation, i’m thinking of writing my own book. so if there is any advice you can give me,that would be great.

thank you

"georgina" Says:

to sam osman I reely want to reed yor book sounds intrestind.

from georgina

"jessica" Says:

hello sam i really enjoyed your stay i think i liked the bit where we used our senses.eventhough i did’nt buy Quick silver i think it looks amazing i cant wait till serpants gold comes out. thats when ill be reading more

love from jessica

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hello Jessica,
I love going in to schools to do workshops and it makes it extra specially enjoyable when the children write in to tell me they enjoyed the session, so thank you.

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hello Libby,
I think a good way to start writing is to base the story on something that has happened to you or to someone you know and then do something surprising with it.
Let me know how you get on and enjoy the rest of Quicksilver.

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hello Georgina,
Please send me a message when you have read Quicksilver and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

"Maddie Griffiths" Says:

Hello Sam,
It’s Maddie here,I was one of the girls in yr5 who gave you the card.
I love quicksilver,it was amazing,I read it in about a week!
Thank you for the lovely coment.
I couldn’t belive it when Mrs Yorke
told us that you were coming to visit our school!
come again!

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hello Maddie,
I’ve got your lovely card on the notice board in my study so I’m loooking at it right now thinking what a great time I had at your school.
I would love to visit you again, so fingers crossed.
All Best

"Maddie Griffiths" Says:

Hi sam,
It’s Maddie again,I can’t wait until Serpents Gold comes out,I will definately buy it!Who is your favorite author apart from yourself? Mine is Enid Blyton

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Maddie
Great to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about my favorite authors and I have quite a few. I love Michael Morpurgo and Charliie Higson and when I was young I really enjoyed The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and the stories about The Family from One End Street by Eve Garnet. I like some Enid Blyton stories too!
I still have your lovely card on my wall.

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