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The Chasing the Dark Trailer has clocked up over 1,000 hits on You tube!

Share the link  and see if we can get it up to 2,000! It was made by 15 year old film maker George O’regan and stars my son Murdo as the running boy.

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"Hikma" Says:

That’s great news!
I got the book today-can’t wait to start reading it! Thanks a lot x

"beth" Says:

I’ve seen the YouTube video and it is amazing even for a short clip. Sam came to my school not to long ago and she showed us the video and told us about it and it was amazing!

"beth" Says:

my school was test valley school and I sat next to you and I had my picture taken with you

"Sam Osman" Says:

I remember and I will be posting the picture soon

"ben" Says:

Sam Hepburn came to my school today,it was amazing.The book was so great i spent my lunch money on it.I am reading the book right now and all I hear is Ben go to sleep,but I cant its to good to stop reading.

"ben" Says:

THE time is wrong lol its 9:40

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Ben,
I had a great time at Addey and Stanhope School today and as an author I am absolutely thrilled that you are up late reading my book. As a mum, however. I really think you should go to sleep and finish it tomorrow night!

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