Quick silver cover - buy this book on AmazonWatch a trailer about QuicksilverDark Powers from the distant past are searching for Wolfie, Tala and Zi’ib…

Wolfie Brown, Tala Bean and Zi’ib Bakri live continents apart, but their destiny lies in a rundown London suburb. The mysterious force of ancient ley lines brings them to Thornham to fulfil a prophecy written in prehistory. As they fight their faceless enemies, they discover why their parents have vanished and learn the chilling truth of who they really are…

Quicksilver is my first book for children and it’s full of ideas and snippets of fact that I picked up while making documentaries for television.

Years ago I worked on a series called House Detectives where a team of archaeologists armed with old maps, tape measures, picks and shovels would descend on an ordinary family home and try to trace its history as far back in time as they could. It was amazing what they found. Even houses that were no more than fifty or sixty years old might stand on a plot of land marked by a bronze age boundary or a family might discover that the old outhouse where dad stored his tools was in fact a medieval cow byre. Wonky window frames, uneven lines of brickwork and strange place names were all clues to the hidden history of the houses we filmed.

The series got me thinking about the lost worlds that lie beneath our modern burger bars and backstreets and the tiny traces of the ancient past that still lurk in the most unlikely places if we just know where and how to look for them. So although Thornham (where Quicksilver is set) is an imaginary suburb of South London its ancient history is based on the very real and very ordinary South London suburbs of Streatham, Tooting Bec and West Norwood, which are near to where I live.

Like Thornham, Streatham appears in the Domesday book where it is called Estreham (the hamlet on the street) and it was once owned by an ancient Benedictine Abbey - the Bec Hellouin Abbey in Normandy, which is where Tooting Bec gets its name from. The A23 which runs past the common was once a major Roman road to the coast and was very probably built on a much earlier trackway. St. Leonard’s church Streatham, like St. Michael’s in the story dates back to Saxon times and parts of its medieval tower are still standing.

So as Wolfie, Tala and Zi’ib discover, it doesn’t matter where you live archaeology is all around you and if you want to get involved in digs and events in your area go to the Young Archaeologists’ Club website www.britarch.ac.uk.

Read the first four chapters

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 or Chapter 4

Character profiles:

The Children:

Wolfie Brown

  • Born: Thornham - a suburb of South London with a lot of forgotten history
  • Parents: Lives with his mother, father disappeared when he was a baby
  • Appearance: Tousled blond hair, green eyes flecked with gold

Tala Bean

  • Born: Mount Shasta in California’s Cascade Mountains
  • Parents: Lives with her father whose disappearance at the start of Quicksilver, takes her to Thornham to live with her guardian
  • Appearance: Long straight dark hair, shows her Native American Indian heritage - she has green eyes, much like Wolfie

Zi’ib Bakri

  • Born: Near Meroe in northern Sudan
  • Parents: Lives with his mother, Shadia, a school teacher who is kidnapped at the beginning of Quicksilver. Zi’ib didn’t know his father who disappeared when he was a baby.
  • Appearance: Gangly, dark skinned with curly hair but with unusual green eyes, which his mother attributes to his absent father


“A superbly constructed and vividly depicted tale of ley lines, anceint prophecies, interplanetary communication and a dog called Elvis……This is a superbly absorbing old fashioned thriller….“  The Telegraph

“It would be glib but not inaccurate to describe Quicksilver as “Dan Brown for younger readers.” The plot involves the search for lost knowledge, the unravelling of clues and coded conundrums and, at the heart of it all, a mystery that mingles parascience with historical conspiracy.

Wolfie, Tala and Zi’ib, three twelve year olds from different countries, all have fathers who inexplicably disappeared.  Using their wits and brains, and aided unwittingly by an eccentric old researcher, they discover powers relating to the nexus of ley lines that underlies the area. Smart Entertainment Deftly Done.
- James Lovegrove, Financial Times

“..if you love stone circles, planetary alignments, Atlantis myths and ancient history, then curl up with Quicksilver.” - Amanda Craig,  The Times Online

“This is an outstanding read which will have every reader gripped to the end. I give this book five out of five - a great ending with lots to keep the reader entertained. I am looking forward to the next book by this exciting new author.” - Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

“I was genuinely sad when this book ended; it felt real to me and I was gripped…” - TheBookbag.co.uk

“Told at a cracking pace…” - Love Reading 4 Kids



"Charlie" Says:

my english teacher told me about this book and I’m well excited!

"Mollie Hardaker" Says:

Hi Sam,

I have just pre ordered your new book -cant wait.

Mollie Hardaker
South Milford

"Mattyk" Says:

Really looking forward to reading this now!

"Lynne Foster" Says:

Hello –
I found your link on Megalithic Portal and read the first four chapters of Quicksilver. Am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and giving copies to several young friends of mine. It’s been a while since I enjoyed the Susan Cooper series (the Madeleine L’Engle, Christopher, and Pullman series are all excellent, too, but are down a slightly different avenue). I wish you great success!
Kind regards,
Lynne Foster

"Vikki" Says:

I love your book quicksilver
It’s now my fave book

"sophie" Says:

I cant wait till i get the book and read it i read the back of the book and it sounded very good

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Sophie,
Hopefully it’s the sort of book that you can curl up with over the Easter holidays. I loved having time to read and relax in the school holidays.
Hope you enjoy it.

"Cocoa" Says:

I read the first four Chapters of this book, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
I also can’t wait for the sequel

"Sudhanva" Says:

hey Sam,

Quicksilver is an amazing book! I finished reading the ‘Percy Jackson’ series and really needed something to read, and this proved to be a great book. I was just wondering when the next book is coming out…?

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Sudhanva,
So glad you liked the book.
The sequel “Serpent’s Gold” should be coming out in mid 2011, so check the website for updates. I shall be giving away a signed copy of Quicksilver to one person drawn at random from the friends of Quicksilver on Facebook so if you or any of your friends want a chance to win get them to sign up.

"Sudhanva" Says:

wow, thats amazing sam… Will sign up for sure! I am very excited for the next book, but y did u have to make this one so good??? Now its hard to wait. Anyway, wish u all the best for book two, and hope it will be as amazing as the first one. The mystery of leys is quite entrancing…

"Janina" Says:

Quicksilver is brilliant! I loved it! Your book brought me into a world of mystery and excitment every time I read it! I can’t wait till your next book will come out. :)

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Cocoa
I’m really sorry I didn’t respond to you earlier, I’ve only just found your message on the system. I hope you’ve finished and enjoyed the whole book by now!
All Best

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Janina,
Great to get your message. There are lots more ley associated mysteries coming up in Serpent’s Gold.

"Noah" Says:

Hello Sam,
I just finished your book today-and oh, what a book it was! I loved the mysterious and consistend plotline throughout and just couldn’t put id down-giving me the title ‘The Bookworm’ at school! I can’t wait for the next book!

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Noah,
It’s fantastic to hear that you couldn’t put the book down. I do hope that you enjoy book two.
Best wishes

"areeba" Says:

hi im areeba…
i luv quick silver it keept me busy while i waited for another book….
i like books like tht…
so plz rite many more
good luk for book 2 i will be lookin forwards to readin it..

"John Todd" Says:

Dear Mr. Osman,I am at the moment reading Quicksilver and thoroughly enjoying the story,at the age of 54 i was tiring of reading the same old adult fiction ,thank you for relighting my imagination yours sincerely John Todd

"Sam Osman" Says:

Dear John,
I am so gald you are enjoying Quickisilver, it is very rewarding to get positive responses from adults. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. For some reason the message only popped up today although it is dated a week ago - it must be the action of the ley lines! I hope you like book two - Serpent’s Gold. which is coming out this summer.
All best

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Areeba,
Thank you for your message. You sound like an avid reader so I’m particularly glad you liked Quicksilver.
All best

"Thalia" Says:

Hi Sam this was a truly amazing book as I finished it in under two weeks I can’t wait for Serpents gold to come out as I will buy it immediately!

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Thalia,
Good to hear from you. Serpent’s Gold is due to come out in July so I hope you enjoy that too!
All Best

"monzo wesaka" Says:

Hi to u in brain we invest to derive the best

"monzo wesaka" Says:

our so welcome to share idea at university of dodoma tanzania

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Monzo,
Thanks very much for you messages. It’s great to hear that Quicksilver is being read in Tanzania and I think the motto you sent me is brilliant.
All best

"Emily" Says:

Oh my god!!!

I just finished Serpents Gold and I am absolutely transfixed with it!! I never put it down once! Even when my parents told me to turn off the light I got out my old GameBoy and turned it on to shine the light on the book to read it at 3 in the morning!!

Are you thinking of a 3rd book to come out soon as well??
Oh yes and what did you think of the bit of my book that I sent you?

Yours truly,

"ANISA" Says:

hi sam osman i met you the other day remember in green street i saw you and i was the one who was at the back row i have quick silver in my hand and im starting to reed it

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Anisa,
I really enjoyed doing the library talks in Newham and I’m going back there tomorrow to judge the Summer reading competition. Let me know how you get on with Quicksilver!

"dorky" Says:

Is there a sequel after Serpent’s Gold? I’m really addicted to this series.

"Sam Osman" Says:

Not yet. At the moment I am working on a story about a boy who turns detective after his mum is killed in a car crash but press the button on the homepage to join the mailing lis and I will keep you posted about developments in the Quicksilver/Serpent’s Gold series.
All best

"Anonymous" Says:

Awesome book, I looooove it I surely reccomend it

"mutia nofisa" Says:

hi sam

im mutia,Im 15 years old. im from INDONESIA and i just finished read your book “quicksilver” i cant discribe how AMAZING that book. and i will buy the next book “serpent gold” as soon as possible. i hope you write the next book, cause NOW your book is my fav book.

and i hope this story can be a film. like HARRY POTTER

sorry, if you not understand what im saying, cause i cant speak english very well. i just do what i can for my favorite writer :)

"Sam Osman" Says:

Dear Mutia,
Your English is excellent so I understood your message perfectly. It’s great to think that my book is being read in Indonesia and I am so glad you enjoyed it.
Have a wonderful new year.
Best wishes

"wahidun" Says:

Ilike your books but the most one I like Quic Silver is a nice story

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Wahidun,
I’m glad you like my books!

"fatma" Says:

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Fatma,
That’s the nicest thing you can say to any writer so thank you very much!

"Miss Burton of Eastlea Community School" Says:

Sam inspired every single student in the room to write. She held them enthralled with her presentation which was very interactive. Sam removed effortlessly the barriers and fears students, particularly boys, can have about writing creatively. They could not wait to start writing!

"Sam Osman" Says:

I had a wonderful time at Eastlea school and I’m really looking forward to seeing some of students’ work.

"Ellie Armstrong" Says:

I have heard about this book and am really looking forward to reading it. I cant wait till you come into Moreton Morrell school on Wednesday. I hope i can buy Quicksilver
Cant wait to meet you. See you on wednesday.

"teresa1997" Says:

i loved this book it was the best and i couldn’t put it down.. i also read the second book and is there going to be another book because i want to know if they ever find there parents

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Stephany
I’m so glad you enjoyed Quicksilver and Serpent’s Gold. There may be a third in the series but it is on the back burner at the moment as I am just finishing my new mystery thriller for teens which will be coming out next spring.
All best

"Monita Sheilla" Says:

Hey Sam,I bought this book about four or five days ago, and guess what? I’ve finished read this book. cool :D
glad to found this book in Indonesia.
can’t wait to find The Serpent’s Gold!

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Monita,
I’m so glad you liked the book. I think that Serpent’s Gold is out in Indonesia, if not it won’t be long. Keep your fingers crossed that the film of Quickislver goes in to production soon!
All best

"Max Klingler (11)" Says:

´´Sternensilber´´ is the best book that
I ever readed !!!

PS. Gives a German form of ´´Quicksilver´´ too?

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Max.
I’m so glad you liked “Sternensilber”. That is the German version of Quicksilver and the German version of the sequel, Serpent’s Gold is called Schlangengold.
All best]

"FJ" Says:

Hi, Sam Im FJ 15

This book is so briliant.
I love the characters especially Wolfie Brown, I feel I;ve a nature that is almost exactly like him - although I can’t draw-

and I’m very excited about the strength of ley you’re describing. I hope to be someday ley researchers, may I ask for your email? please …

"Jane" Says:

Hi Sam,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this book. It is interesting and I love all the mystic knowledge thats thrown out at the reader!

Thank you for writing this! :o)

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Jane,
Thank you for reading it! Do read Serpent’s Gold and let me know what you think and have a look at my new thriller Chasing the Dark which is coming out in June - I really hope you like them too.

"Doğa" Says:

I’m from Turkey and I’m crazy about this book. This book is really absorbing. That’s amazing. I’m just 13 but I think everybody must read this book. and my favorite is Tala :D

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Doga.
It’s great that you enjoyed Quicksilver. You may like my new book Chasing the Dark which also has a strong girl character in it, This one is called Nina.

"Cassandra" Says:

Hi, I’m from Germany and I’m crazy about this book! I love it, thank you very much for writting it, I had a lot of fun on reading it! I can’t wait to read the second :D but I think it would be even more fun, if their where some love between tala, zi’ib and wolfie

"Sam Osman" Says:

Hello Cassandra.
I’m so glad you enjoyed Quicksilver. You might also like my latest book Chasing he Dark (written under the name Sam Hepburn).

"ann" Says:


would there be 3rd book?

i cant wait.


"Sam Osman" Says:

Hi Ann.
I don’t think there will unfortunately, but you might like my new books Chasing the Dark and If You Were me written under the name Sam Hepburn.

I'd love to hear from you! - Please leave me a comment