The Knights Templar

Background to Quicksilver:

Background to Serpent's Gold:

sacredknights-templarThe fictional de Monteneuf family in Quicksilver and Serpent’s Gold are descended from the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were originally a band of monastic Knights who came together around 1119 to protect the many hundreds of pilgrims who were flocking to Jerusalem after the first crusade.

They took their name from their quarters in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was supposedly the site of Solomon’s Temple.  Although they began as a charity, they soon amassed fabulous wealth through the creation of an early form of banking.

castleTheir power and wealth made them very unpopular and the sect was accused of all sorts of crimes including blasphemy. Many were tortured and brutally massacred and the order was officially dissolved in 1312. However, the mystery surrounding the true beliefs and practices of the Templars has led to centuries of legends about them, including rumors concerning their links with the Holy Grail, questions about their association with the Freemasons and hints of their lost treasures and arcane knowledge being handed down though initiate families.

Many Templar churches and strongholds are located on what are believed to be the intersections of powerful ley lines and the curious symbolism found on these Templar buildings has fuelled much supposition about the order’s mystical secrets.